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Looking for new restaurants to try? Look no further! Here you will find places that I have tried and carefully reviewed in order to give you an idea for your future food adventures. Located in San Jose, many of the restaurants will be throughout the Bay Area, however, will also include restaurants that I've visited throughout my travels. Take a look and find your new favorite vegan restaurant!

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Here you will find recipes that range from breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, and more. A lot of these recipes are easy to make, yet mouth-watering! You will find something for everyone whether they're familiar with vegan dishes or haven't tried many fully vegan meals.

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Here you will find resources that are available in the vegan community. From vegan apps that are accessible at the palm of your hands, to documentaries that you can watch for a visual experience; this will be a helpful space to learn. Also including eco-friendly tips and environmental driven research. 

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With a bachelor's degree in nutrition, I love to study this field and constantly learn about the development of how food plays a huge role in our overall health. Here you will find recent studies and findings in the realm of nutrition, correlating with living a plant-based lifestyle. 

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