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Hello -

My name is Brandon Flores and I am a passionate vegan living in San Jose, California. I recently graduated with a BA in nutrition and enjoy cooking vegan recipes as well as finding vegan restaurants wherever I am exploring! I create content that highlights vegan restaurants, the recipes I create, and everything else in between in regards to veganism and nutrition.


I hope you enjoy and feel free to reach out. I love talking to people! Also check out my Instagram for daily posts+updates on new recipes and food reviews.

My Story

My vegan journey started 4 years ago after learning more from my courses in nutrition at Arizona State University. Becoming aware of the impacts it has on animals, our health, and the world as a whole; this shifted my values as a whole in numerous ways. From the food I eat, to what I wear; I feel responsible to support this movement that is about creating an equal world for all beings. I am constantly learning more about how detrimental our everyday actions play a role in the future of our society.


I am passionate about cooking plant-based meals and doing my best to live a no-waste lifestyle. I also find great value in supporting vegan restaurants both small and large chains to provide options for all people that may be hesitant to trying vegan restaurants. There are so many options today and its continuously growing! I find joy stepping into a restaurant, observing the atmosphere, looking at the menu, picking out something new or talking to the workers about their favorite dish, trying the food and giving my feedback! 


No one is perfect, but taking the initiative to evolve and grow everyday in the right direction makes all the difference. My goal for this website is that you learn something new, ask questions, and create a safe space for discussion and topics that will impact our future and the future of your children. 

Brandon Flores

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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