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Bossmans's Pizza

Updated: Jun 9

Although this pizza spot located in South San Jose isn't fully vegan, they offer a large menu of vegan appetizers, pizzas, and entrees. So far I have only tried two of the personal pizzas, which are a great size for an affordable price. ($12.99) The pizza crust is thin but crispy, which I prefer for my pizza! I've also tried one of the vegan wing flavors which I will share more about.

My favorite so far is the Vegan Pineapple Barbecue Pizza. As you will learn throughout my food posts, barbecue is my favorite and I always order barbecue sauce wherever I go! I also use it frequently when I'm cooking as well. Side note, I have never tried pineapple on pizza until eating here and I see why people like it! Don't come for me..

The Vegan Garlic Chicken Pizza is really good too! There's tons of fresh toppings like artichokes, onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers that are nicely combined with the garlic tofu topping. The Vegan Bbq Wings comes with 10 pieces for $12.99. The wings could have been more flavorful with more sauce, but its nice that they have vegan appetizers available. The pizzas are fantastic and well worth visiting for!

Other pizzas on the menu that I'd like to try include Vegan Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Vegan Chicken and Artichoke Pizza, Vegan Bhel Puree Special Pizza, and Vegan Chili Chicken Pizza. Some Appetizers that I'd like to try are the Vegan Cajun Wings, and the Vegan Hot Wings to compare to the Vegan Bbq Wings that i've tried.

Bossman's Pizza is a South San Jose favorite for vegan pizza. I'm eager to try some of the different styles of pizza they have in the future!

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