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El Cantaro Vegan Mexican Restaurant

Mexican food lovers... this ones for you! El Cantaro offers organic vegan Mexican food traditionally from Oaxaca and Mexico City. They are located at 791 Foam Street in Monterey, California with hours that vary depending on the day. According to their website: Monday-Thursday they are open from 11:20am-8:30pm. Friday they are open from 12pm-3pm. Saturday they are closed and Sunday they are open from 12pm-8:30pm.

They offer a huge selection of authentic Mexican cuisine ranging from appetizers such as empanaditas, taquitos and memelitas, to traditional plates like chilaquiles, fajitas, tamales, chile relleno and everything in between.

The menu is broken down into the categories listed: Appetizers, Salads, Soups, Traditional Plates, Favorites of México, Combination Plates, Enchiladas, Tacos, Burritos, Tortas, Sides, Beverages, Desserts, Juices/Smoothies, Nachos, Tostadas and Kid's Menu.

During my first visit, I tried the Taquitos from the appetizer menu. This comes with four corn tortillas filled with spiced chick'n, then rolled up and served on a bed of lettuce and guacamole. These are delicious and the spiced chick'n thats filled bursts with flavor! $11.28

Along with this trip, I tried the BBQ Chick'n Burrito which comes with rice, pineapple salsa, cilantro, and roasted sesame seeds with homemade barbecue sauce. As a barbecue sauce lover, this was everything i've ever needed. The pineapple salsa combined with the barbecue sauce was a unique combination! $12.43

During my second visit, I tried the Crispy Potato Tacos Plate which comes with four deep fried corn tortillas stuffed with mashed potatoes, topped with cheese, sour cream, salsa fresca, and lettuce. $14.20

I also ordered the El Cantaro Burrito which comes with "grilled chicken or steak", cheese, pinto or black beans, Spanish rice, and salsa fresca. The burrito is loaded with flavor and the "grilled chicken" which I selected for my protein had a smoky and spicy flavor, the perfect amount of spice! $13.05

El Cantaro is perfect because it has such a large variety of Mexican dishes to try! Not to mention, its also a few minutes away from the beach in Monterey so its perfect for a stop before or after you spend some time by the ocean. You can even bring a burrito for the road and have a beach burrito like I did.

The restaurant itself is smaller in stature however, the menu is not! Depending on the time of visiting, the restaurant might be full inside but ordering to go is always an option! Ordering here is well worth stopping by during your visit to Monterey, California.

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