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Veg On The Edge

Updated: Jun 13

West African American Style food found in Santa Cruz, California. Veg On The Edge has tons of fresh and tasty food to try. From quinoa and rice bowls, to wraps, soup, curry, stew + more; you will surely enjoy dining here for more than just the food!

So far, I have tried the Black Bean Avocado Wrap. I loved this as I’m a big wrap and burrito fan. I typically find myself gravitating to wraps and bowls on a menu when I order at new places so this was calling my name. Price: $10.75

This wrap comes with black beans, brown rice, pickled onions, red bell pepper, arcadia lettuce, and avocado sauce. The avocado sauce is great so make sure to ask for extra! They also have a hot sauce that has a tangy flavor for those who like to add a little spice.

Some of my future orders that I had my eye on include:

Shiitake Súyà Bowl that comes with shiitake súyà, jollof rice, corn, red bell pepper, roasted broccoli, and roasted sweet potatoes. Writing this just made me want to go tomorrow! Gluten Free, Price: $10.75

Thai Peanut Wrap comes with black-eyed peas, black rice, veggie blend, arcadia lettuce,and thai peanut sauce. Price: $10.75

Obè O L'ogede Plantain Curry comes with plantain, jackfruit, green onion, red and green bell peppers, and red onions. Gluten Free, Price: $11.75

There is outdoor seating located in Abbott Square Patio which is connected to other restaurants, bars, a coffee shop, and The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. There is a lot to do around Veg on The Edge including Downtown Santa Cruz for shopping and local finds! Definitely stop by Veg on the Edge before or after a beach day or a hike in the Santa Cruz mountains! The foods great tasting, numerous options, and the location is great for multiple options in a group setting.

Comment below if you've ever tried Veg on The Edge and if not, what you think you will be ordering when you do!

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