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Vegan Veganos

Updated: Jun 13

Vegan Veganos is a plant-based Mexican comfort food truck located throughout San Jose, California that can be found weekly at pop-up events, farmer's markets, and more. At the moment they're temporarily closed, but expecting to return so follow them updates!

Cali Asada Burrito

Some of my favorite orders I have tried are the Cali Al Pastor Burrito with Avocado Salsa, the Shrimp Tacos, the Cali Asada Burrito with Mango Habanero Salsa, and the Quesabirria Trio Tacos. The food is always served fresh and full of flavor+spice! Everything you could want from a Mexican food truck. All of the plant-based fillings taste delicious and will surely be a great place to show others that might be reluctant to trying vegan food for the first time. For example, the jackfruit provides a "pulled-pork" texture and flavor without the harm of animals.

Cali Al Pastor Burrito and Jackfruit Taco

The quesabirria tacos are delicious, crunch and cheesy! The chile on the side is super flavorful with a nice kick of spice to it. The shrimp tacos are also amazing! The tempura breaded shrimp is so tasty.. Another must try. The burritos are always loaded and well worth the spending; you won't be hungry after one of those. The tacos are the best selection if you want to try a few of the different plant-based proteins and compare them for a low cost.

Quesa-Birria Trio Tacos

There are many options to choose from so no mistakes will be made when checking out this food truck for the first time... Easily my favorite food truck in San Jose and I'm eagerly waiting for the return of Vegan Veganos when they're ready! Show them some love and support on their socials.

Shrimp Taco

Comment below what your favorite order is if you've tried Vegan Veganos in the past!

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